MIB In-Person Hands-On Expert Course in Cancun

20-21st of May 2022

For participation the attendee must be EXPERT Masterclass students
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The MIB In-Person Hands-On Expert Course 20-21st of May 2022 (Mexico)


Cancun, Mexico

Date & Time

21.05.2022 - 22.05.2022


Dr. Frank Zastrow

Course description

This course covers complex regenerative cases as lateral defects, sinus floor operations as well as the premium class of augmentation, the discipline of vertical bone augmentation. All technniques will be practiced by means of specific synthetic models as well as on pig or sheep jaws.

Particular significance will be attributed to the proper soft tissue approach, which is highly recommended in association with the vertical bone augmentation procedure like the parallel technique and the right- angle technique. The Semilunar tunnel approach (STA) as well as the tunnel technique (Khoury) will be trained and the participants will master the harvesting of bone by means of several devices.

Potential sources of errors will be addressed, and distinct guidelines will be provided in order to guarantee a predictable successful outcome. All shown techniques will be exercised under the direction of Dr. Frank Zastrow.

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For participation the attendee must be EXPERT Masterclass student!

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