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You are dentist, you are placing dental implants and you want to give your patients most reliable results?

Then you need to work with the GOLDSTANDARD.

For safe and fast bone harvesting Dr. Frank Zastrow developed the SEMILUNAR technique, that is performed with the Easy Bone Collector (see video).

Find out more about our newest hybrid education program (MASTERCLASSES), where you will learn about Split Bone Block technique (by Prof. Khoury) and advanced soft tissue management.

As well you get information about how to get ACCESS to the game-changing new technology called the Easy Bone Collector (EBC)

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Some impressions from our In-Person Hands-On Course

Our Hands-on courses cover complex regenerative cases as lateral defects, sinus floor operations as well as the premium class of augmentation, the discipline of vertical bone augmentation.
All technniques will be practiced by means of specific synthetic models as well as on pig or sheep jaws.

What people say about us

Dr. Marcin Derwich

I was not satisfied with GBR results. So I wanted to try something new. With Masterclasses I grow my knowledge with bone blocks and gain the knowledge how to receive very predictive results.

Dr. Adnan Rehman

If you serious about bone building and want something far more predictable and safe for your patients this is the course to come to.

Dr. Natalja Lunina

I suggest the Masterclasses for everybody who would like to work with real bone and get predictable results.